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Beginning in 2015, EY St. Louis has partnered with McCluer High School in Florissant, MO. EY professionals mentor a group of the high school's junior/senior scholars (Access Program) as well as graduated collegian scholars (Persistence Program) in order to prepare these students for their next steps in life. The Access Program meets with the junior/senior scholars monthly to discuss topics relevant to the transition to college, while the Persistence Program provides ongoing support to collegians so that they can thrive on campus and transition to a successful career.

CITY Program Leaders

Kara Meister, Executive Sponsor
Mary Ramatowski, Executive Sponsor
Alysia Pohl, Access Director
Greg Follett, Access Director
Collin Rohs, Persistence Director
Janell Buckner, Persistence Director


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Scholars and Collegians are saying...

“In college the thing you should look forward to the most is the beauty of how people that appear so different can be so much like you on the inside."
- William, Birmingham Collegian